Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home and Refreshed

Im home after a wonderful week in Devon, the kids absolutly adored it and we loved it too, we did so much in a week i will be talking about it for ages when i keep remembering little snipits.
Im still in the process of getting through all the washing 2 very big suitcases full, every year we normally go abroad to various places so i know all we need are t.shirts, swimsuits etc, but because we were holidaying in this country we had to be prepared for every eventuality so the suitcases were jam packed full, however we only had rain for one day so i could of gotten away with just packing the shorts and t.shirts.
Enough about the hols onto crafting things, here is a card ive made with one of my new images that will be available shortly over at Spiral Whisper
there is a compitition running at the moment to name my 2 new characters, you have untill 14th July to name them and there will be blog candy to give away to the winner so what are you waiting for head over to the Spiral Whisper blog to see what its all about.
Ther are lots of other sneak peaks too from lots of other talented designers and new stamps will be released often, pre orders for some of the new stamps will be opening on 14th July with the website going live and sending out orders on 21st July so dont miss out keep it bookmarked.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another sneak peak

Just before i leave to go on my hols i have another sneak peak for you
They will be available soon from Spiral Whisper.I will post more sneak peaks on my return.

For all of you who have given into the temptation of Polly and Pip stamps made by Stamps Away, You will be happy to know there will be another batch released very soon so keep your eye out for them. so i will leave you with my latest Polly and Pip creation, This is Cool Pip

Thursday, June 19, 2008

sneak peaks

For all you stampers out there i have some new creations coming your way, i have been aproached by Spiral Whisper to create some trendy characters to turn into stamps and i have a sneak peak ready for you as you can see
I have created a boy and a girl, im not sure when they are due for release but keep your eye here and all will be revealed, i do know we havnt got a name for the characters yet and whilst talking with kitty she mentioned she will be running a compitition on the Spiral Whisper blog, to name them.
Whilst doodling i also created this cute little couple, do you like?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

PS I Love You

Oh my god have you watched this film?
I have been home from work ill with tonsilitus so Martin bought me PS I Love You, to make me feel a little better (im a baby when im ill and need lots of love and affection) i watched it this morning and i sobbed my heart out from 10 minutes into the film untill the end. Its such a fantastic film, a real chick flick and Gerard Butler is to die for(MMMMMmmmm) I would reccomend everyone goes and watches this film, in fact it was so good im watching it again tonight LOL.
Ive been feeling a little better this afternoon so i have made a couple of cards with my Polly and Pip stamps, one of the cards is for a special person whos birthday i forgot yesterday so Ali if your reading, this is for you expect to recieve it shortly with a special something in it!!



Sunday, June 08, 2008

Polly and Pip part 2

Here are a couple more from Polly and Pip, this time i am introducing you to Polly'big day, Polly the hippy and Polly the cowgirl. I'd like to give a big Thanks to Ali and Paul of Stamps Away for taking me on board as a designer of Polly and Pip.

Meet Polly and Pip


Here the news you have all been waiting for, i am the designer of a new collection of acrylic stamps called Polly and Pip, these stamps are made by Stamps Away and are available from good stockists, they look fantastic on the website and look even better adorning a card or craft project and the even better part is they only 3.25 each, now that's value for money.
You'll never believe how excited i was when i was asked if i would design a range of stamps, i was jumping around the room like a lunatic it all happened so fast. There are 12 Polly and Pips on the website at the moment and more are in line waiting to be turned into acrylic cuteness.
Keep checking in as there is also more news on the horizon.
I will leave you with a card using Pip the Chef.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Party time & WOW

Tonight im off to a party at my Mam & Dads, they moved into a new house in March and now its all finally finished and perfect so they are throwing a house warming to say thank you to everyone who helped get them moved in, ive been busy all day helping her prepare the yummy food for the occasion. Whilst we were in th middle of preparing things my younger sister called in to give us some help and also announced she is expecting another baby WOW!!! her youngest is 3 years and will of just started nursery when this new bundle arrives, her partner is a twin and last time they escaped the twin thing but this time he is convinced they will be bitten by the twin thing, she says now way but he is convinced so its more babies in our family.
On another WOW i had a fab parcel from clever cut today but i dare not say more yet, check back as i may spill the beans soon.