Friday, September 01, 2006

All DIY'ed Out

wow this has been a very busy week on monday we started our DIY mission, the kids wanted to swap bedrooms so it ment new carpets and decorating (it was about time anyway as the kids are getting older and they still had child like bedrooms) monday saw us paint gloss and carpet the small room for jonathan, we completely finished it at about 10.30pm, cleaned up and went straight to bed. Tuesday we started to strip the wallpaper of the big room, we thought great as the paper was coming of in huge pieces, untill the last wall it took the rest of the day and tyhe next morning to get it all off, then it was off to the carpet shop for me while Martin finished the paining, we finishe painting and even got the carpet fitted that night, we finished at around 10.30 again. Thursday myself and Ashleigh put her room back together and threw loads of old stuff out so she could have the room of her dreams. Now the kids rooms are done its time to start our room, but i think we are all DIY'ed out as we cannot motivate ourselves to start it, maybe after the weekend we might start again, the only trouble is Martin goes back to work monday so he will be even less inclined to want to start painting.
on another note over on UKScrappers we have our old team (SCRAPITUDES) almost all back together again, yesterday Marja joined us again and at the begining of the week Jane joined us singing songs, its just like old times, lots of sillyness.
Hopefully this week will see me scrapping again as i have all my lovely holiday pics.