Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Wow where has the time gone its ages since i last posted but then again i have been busy.
here are the updates to what ive been upto.
The first Westlife concert in Newcastle was fantastic, Ive never been to any that ive said it was only alright, only the boys can outdo themselves year after year, I never tire of them.
Then last weekend i was at Manchester to see them but this was a very boozy night (or should that be weekend) we travelled by train on friday morning (very early i might add, 7.20 am)we arrived just in time to geo to weatherspoons for breakfast, that set us up for our retail therapy, a few hours of shopping and we were in need of refreshment, how lucky were we to find a pub that sold cheap beer, Lager was only 1.60 a pint needless to say we didnt do any other shopping.
We prized ourselves out of the pub and made our way back to the hotel where we had a sandwich and a little more refreshments ;-) then it was quick upto our room for a shower and ready for the big night out, we arrived at the arena just in time for a drink and to find our seats, the concert was fab and they done a few extra bits as it was St Patricks weekend, well to cut a long story short we went back to the cheap pub, got to bed at 4.30 and was in no fit state the next morning to shop. Later in the afternoon we arrived at the train station to find that our train had been cancelled so instead of 1 train journey home it took 3 trains and a bus, so i didnt get to sleep all the way home as i had expected to :-(
so that was my excitement, and its took me untill this weekend to catch up with every thing.
Ive also got something exciting in the pipeline in the next couple of weeks (not craft related) so fingers crossed i can spill the beans at the begining of April.
Although on the craft front i cant wait to recieve the mystery parcel from becks i have signed up to blog test for her, i remember she said they will be posted at the end of March so watch this space.

Monday, March 03, 2008

One more sleep

I haven't got much to blog about today so thought id remind you of my excitement for tomorrow Only one more sleep until i go to my annual westlife jaunt, those of you who know Me know that every year when westlife are touring i go to see them at least twice at different venues, i know i can hear you all shouting why would i do that, the answer is simple, they put on a fantastic show like none I've ever seen before and once is never enough.

It was Ashleigh's birthday on Saturday she had a great day and got lots of goodies and with her b'day money she bought her self a new phone, she was a little disappointed as she thought she would of got to find out what secondary school she was going to but we didn't find out until today, she got her second choice school (which was actually my first preference) at first she wasn't too happy about it until she heard her best friend has also got into the same school as her

I havnt got much to share on the crafting front as ive been helping in Mams house again today and yesterday i mad e a roast dinner and had everyone round so i was cooking for 12 (poor me, where was my mothers day treat?) well i did get to have breakfast in bed, and Martin has given me some money so i can treat myself, if i dont buy anything tomorrow in the Metro Centre i might treat myself to a stamping up stamp set.