Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Today has been fab, my youngest Sam had his first real Halloween celebrations, hes 3 and this year he dressd up as a pumpkin and had a little pumpkin pail to collect candy in, we went trick and treating with his brother and sister and his cousin Evan (who is the same age as him) they all loved it, it took ages for Sam to get his costume on as he didnt want to wear it at first, but boy i couldnt get it off him tonight i thought he was going to sleep in it. We had a little party before venturing out in the freezing cold, after visiting friends and family we came home and continued the celebrations with people knocking on our door, some of the costume were quite scary, i even jumped myself a couple of times. on another note not even anything to do with Halloween i got some lovely stash delivered yesterday from the US, lots of lovely christmas chipboard goodies and bags of buttons, so last night and today ive been creating more christmas cards, almost done now i've only got about another 30 to do LOL.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

wonderful layouts

at last ive scrapped some of my brilliant photos of our photo shoot, they are not over done with loads of embellies, just plain and simple so that the main focus is still the photos, i love the way they have turned out.
i went on a marathon shopping spree at the weekend and bought a whole load of christmas pressents and for once am pleased to say im almost finished buying everything, im usually still rushing around christmas eve trying to find something for someone who has everything.
Its the kids half term holidays which means im also off work we havnt really done much this week yet, weve stayed home and played board games, crafted together and been on a few walks but we havnt actually been anywhere, we were going to go to the cinema tomorrow but didnt fancy any of the films that were on so instead we are all going bowling so that should be fun.
adios amigos i will leave you with the pics of my recent Layouts.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

loving our photo shoot

oh boy where have i been for over a month, i didnt realise its been that long since i blogged (note to myself, make sure you blog more regular)
its been so long i dont remember what ive been up to. but i do remember at the end of september we went to a photo shoot that was arranged at DD's school, the money for the sitting was all donated back to the school, (which is so cool) . As soon as we saw the proofs i wanted all 90+ pics! it worked out much cheaper to buy the disk and have them printed at my leisure 90 quid for the disk, thats less that 1 pound a pic, and what was even better was my sister was on the same shoot as me as we wanted pics of the cousins together, so we shared the cost of the disk and only paid 45.00 each. now thats what i call a bargain, big thanks to success photography you did a great job, you even took a good picture of me and i hate pictures of myself.
ill try to upload a few of them here