Sunday, March 18, 2007

mothers day hangover

when i woke up this morning i had a slight hangover from the party celebrations last night, but the dull headache soon went away when i was greeted by the kids with my mothers day breakfast in bed, all those cuddles worked better than any paracetamol!

breakfast was boiled eggs and soldiers with a nice cuppa to wash it all down, my pressies were some lillies and a new pair of PJ's.

here's a pic of the party last night, i must of been a little tipsy to of put this wig on and have photographic proof, we had a great night even if i did pay for it this morning (aka the headache!)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Does my bum look big in this?

I've just been downloading some pics from the camera, as I've been naughty and not done it in a while, (well I've not took any pics in a couple of weeks)

To my surprise Ashleigh must of taken a picture of me whilst we were bowling a little while back. I cant believe she took a pic of my big bottom, just wait until she wakes up in the morning! LOL

I will have my revenge i will take a pic of her just as she is waking with her straggly hair and scrunched up face, then i will scrap it so i can keep it forever, but i will also tuck this picture in a secret little pocket and add some journalling for future reference. (i loves my little girl, she is my best friend really, my shopping partner, my dancing diva and all singing sister, i love you Ash!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

help! ive become a stepford wife

oh my god i think ive become a stepford wife, any one who knows me knows i dont do baking, and apart from general houskeeping thats it for me. well over this past week ive been home baking cooking pies and making soups casseroles etc. ive even been house keeping on overtime. i had my parents over last night and cooked a 3 course meal and th e dessert was to die for, banana fritters covered in syrup and topped off wit ice cream. move over nigella. LOL gotta go the oven is calling me!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

happy birthday

happy bithday to my daughter Ashleigh, today she is 10 and boy how time flys, i cant believe it 10 years since she was born, i can remeber it so clearly.

Last night when she went to bed i decorated the house for when she woke up this morning, i had helium ballons, banners and bunting all over the living room looked lovely with all her pressents laid out on the flor surrounded by hellium ballons, she was so excited whe she saw it. She said mam can we leave it up for my party, (little did she know it took me almost 2 hours to decorate the house) I wasnt going to take it down for a day only to have to put it back up on saturday for her party.

she got some lovely pressents but ive a feeling her favourite was her new bedding (pictured above) that she had previously picked out on our visit to dunelm, i bought her the full collecion including wall hangings and pillows, she got a tracksuit, trainers and cuddly toys to open on the morning, then whilst she was at school i put her new bedding on her bed, she was thrilled when she saw it, i think she thought she wasnt going to get it. Its nice to spoil her occasioally. Now i have to see if i survive the girly make over sleep over party on saturday, please send me lots of energy vibes, i think i'll need it.