Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fed up!

what can i say? today has been the most awful day and for no reason, i just feel fed up.
but i did feel much better when i came home from work and was greeted by Sam (my 3 year old) with the biggest smile and biggest hug for me, now that is worth coming home for.
I am thinking of changing my job and going back to being a teaching assistant, thats something i will have to think about for a little while, im not sure how i could cope with the extra stress.
On a lighter note i have been scrapping some more and have also decided to make a few cards to put in a box for when you forget to go and buy a card and the shops are shut.
Martin is on night shift tonight so ill just go back to scrapping and get an early night, that might make me feel a little more human in the morning.

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