Sunday, October 07, 2012

Shop till you drop

As promised here are pics of the stash i bought whilst at Harrogate, i swear next year im taking a tote on wheels as i wish i had bought lots more card packs as the prices were unbelievable but unfortunatly my hands and arms protested.
I bought bits and bobs, i was on the look out for pan pastels and knew oyster stamps stock them online at a great price, non of the other prices came close so will order them.I didnt have a shopping list i just bought things that caught my eye but always keeping an eye on the cost to make sure i couldnt get it cheaper from my own local craft shop.
I dropped by to see my online friend Monica who hosted the Stampin' Up stand it was great to eventually meet face to face, we discussed a few business queries i had and im pleased to say i will shortly be able to offer Stampin Up products should any one want them.
Today i took my daughter clothes shopping and whilst out on my travels i picked up a few crafty products from Wilkinsons, ribbons and rafia from the christmas isle and also i got some shaving brushes to use with inks, i saw my friend Jayne using them the other day, and knew i need them and at only 60p each i jusdt had to , i will buy more one for each distress colour.

Ive still yet to find a home for it in my craft space.

Dont forget the SplodgeAway challenge here


CraftyKay said...

Dont know how I didnt see you at the show Karen but you obviously had fun.x

Sue said...

We had so much fun I cant wait to do it next year!!! and yes a shopping trolley would have come in handy yesterday lmaooo xxxxxx do you think if I go in for some shaving brushes people will think I've got a beard????? :P

karen said...

sue only if you get the razors to go with them Lol
Kay cant believe we didnt see you either, did you buy much?