Thursday, February 22, 2007

having fun

its half term week and so far we have had so much fun. on Monday we went bowling and this time even martin came along too as he has had a few days off too. We had 2 games and all or the bargain price of 13.20 now that's what i call a bargain for an hours and a half entertainment for the whole family, of course i did win both games, i even whooped martins butt, after he was gloating about how good he was (that will teach him. LOL)
On Tuesday, it was a me day and on the evening i went to see a spiritualist/fortune teller, i don't normally go for these type of things (well not since i was married anyway) I've seen plenty of fortune tellers in my time but never a spiritualist, it was very good. and i was comforted to know that it was my gran who had come through for me, everything she said was spot on, I know there is plenty of non believers out there, but for me there was no disputing what she said about my past and present. We jut have to wait about the future.
Wednesday we took the kids swimming and then out for a bite to eat, Martin went back to work so we didn't have a full Day but we did enjoy what we did.
Today we have been shopping i got Jonathan a PlayStation 2 from Asda for a bargain price of 49.00, so we then went to town to find some games, we came back with a game, a pair of trainers, tracksuit bottoms and 2 footballs. I also bought Ashleigh a tracksuit and a body warmer, JJB sports had a sale on so i went a little overboard, i also bought sam a few things.
My bargain of the day had to be the PJ"s i bought from primark they were only 1.00 per pair, Ashleighs having a makeover sleepover party for her birthday next week so i bought each of her guests a pair of PJ's its cheaper than a bar of choclate and sweets in the party bag.
It ill be Ashleighs 10th birthda so ive booked a makeover party for her, the lady comes to the house and all the girls have pretend champagne in champagne flutes, a mini facial, their nails painted, and a hair extension put in their hair (which they then get to keep) they have all sparkly makeup put on and at the end of it they receive a goody bag filled with makeup and beauty products, i just know she is going to love it.
Tomorrow i've got to pop into work for an hour but after that i am taking the kids out only i don't know where we are going yet, maybe a trip to the cinema?
And during this week we have decorated the kitchen and emulsioned and glossed various other places around the house so all in all a very eventful week.


Tracey said...

I feel exhausted just reading all you got up to this week Karen, it all sounds like fun and the beauty treatment day sounds like a wonderful idea for the girls and I also love the sound of PJ's as a little gift.

Karen said...

The PJ party sounds like a great idea - bargain PJ's too. Glad you're having a good week - we keep saying we're going to take the kids bowling and never get there.