Monday, February 05, 2007

washing hell

Where on earth does all the family washing come from? i swear my kids must change their clothes every 5 minutes. My washer broke over a week ago and i waited about 4 days for the repair man to come out, i know its a long time to wait but he is normally very reliable and his prices are very cheap he has been in the business for around 20 years so knows what hes talking about, when i first rang him he was in the airport ready to go away on a short break and promised he would visit on his return last Monday which he did, the bad news was it was going to cost over 100.00 to repair which we both agreed wasn't worth it, so on Friday we went and bought a new washer, and since then it hasn't stopped, the amount of washing that we had accumulated is ridiculous, i have caught up and have been in ironing hell since.
Another reason for not catching up on my blog sooner is the Internet problems I've been having lately, Martin switched providers and for about 6 days its been temperamental and hasn't let us connect (well only intermittently) it seems to of sorted itself out but for how long i don't know, we are thinking of changing to sky broadband so any comments about their service would be greatly appreciated.

forgot to add on a happier note i have booked my train tickets to go to Glasgow to see Westlife, i see them every year in Newcastle and then we choose another venue to visit this year it is Glasgow, I've been there for a day visit, but this time we are staying overnight so we will have a little longer to sight see, If that's possible from the inside of shops and pubs LOL.

we have also been to Jonathan's parents evening and it was very positive, he has his difficulties but despite these he is doing his best and even came top of the class in his science exam (that has given him and us a great boost) We also mentioned his lost clothing and even his teacher was astounded at the amount he has lost, he has told him to meet him at the staff room tomorrow evening and they will go through the lost property together and try to find them all.


Tracey said...

Hope you have a blast with westlife

Well done Jonathon - not at losing so many articles of clothing lol- rather for doing so well academically - it is always a relief to know they are doing well at school and that the teachers have positive comments to make

Karen said...

Hiya Kaz, hope you're ok hun. Miss your blogging. ;)