Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fight The Flab!

after weeks of threatening to take my body back from the cookie monster (or is that the cadburys monster), ive finally taken that step and joined a gym, im sick of feeling lethargic and lazy, I hate finding clothes to wear. i hate anything that clings or skims my body as it shows off all my flab. Well soon that will be no more as im in the right frame of mind my diet is on a kick start and i went to the gym and was shown around by the gym instructer ive signed up and my induction is wednesday, so untill then im having a couple of sessions at the baths. Mind you i did laugh when he said what do i want to acheive from going to the gym, i mean im not twiggy, ive got about 3 stone of extra baggage, i told him i wanted to loose weight and get into some sort of shape (preferably not the round that i am now! LOL) So i may be dying a slow death after wednesday as i havn't been to the gym in years. But just think in months to come i will be peeling off my clothes without a lump or bump in sight (if only!)

Ive also been scrapping this week and i uploaded a LO of Martin and Sam to Basic Grey and was shocked the next day to find an email telling me it had been chosen to go into the official online gallery, TOOT TOOT for me.


Tracey said...

Love your page Karen, I am not surprised it was picked up, WTG girl. BTW I am in totla sympathy with the whole diet thing, I have around 2.5 stone to lose and it aint easy, starting my new diet this week too, good luck with yours, I'll cheer you on if you cheer me on lol

Tracey said...

Karen I have no idea whether you still check into your blog - but just wanted to say I miss you on team chat and hope everything is good with you and your family, I hope we can keep in touch

Thankyou for stopping by my blog and thankyou for your lovely comments, take care xxx