Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Its been so long

Its been so long since i last posted, I've been so busy with the end of term activities with the kids, Ashleigh decided she wanted to make little sweet gifts for all her friends in her class when she said she wanted what she really meant was mam will you make them for me! so on top of everything else i also had to make 23 sweet bag toppers like the ones I made for valentines day (look at my Feb 08 post).
Ashleigh has now left Primary school and to celebrate the whole of her year group had a party celebration at a local restaurant, they arrived in style in Limo's and had a great party, we have lots of pics to remember it by. ( i will upload them when i get a spare minute)
Ive also broke up from work for the summer although i do need to go in a few times to sort month end stuff and payroll.
Ive been busy with drawing more of my Lexie and Luke characters for Spiral Whisper so be on the look out for some new Christmas themes, i may do a few sneak peaks in the next week or so. You can get my current range now from Spriral Whisper along with lots of other cute characters and animals and other fab images, there are new releases every week so don't miss, and remember if you make anything with Lexie and Luke let me know by leaving me a comment so i can come and look.
Ive also been busy with some new Polly and pip images for Stamps Away, sure you will be seeing them soon too, again i will try and get some sneak peaks.
I will be really busy over the next couple of weeks as I'm planning on decorating the living room at the moment I've got squares of different coloured match pots all over the walls helping me decide what colour i want so id better hurry up and choose as i may get bored of the idea and it will end up like that for months until i get the urge to decorate again.
If i go missing in action again you know I've got the decorating bug.

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