Thursday, July 03, 2008

Meet Charlie

Here is the first picture of martin with his first grandson,doesnt he look so proud.

We went to visit today and we had lots of cuddles all the family are doing fine and coping very well, it was a shame to go home after our visit but we had no choice as we had to go and pick the kids up from school. We would of stayed longer and asked my mam and dad to pick them up but yesterday mam had a fall and broke her elbow.
Yesterday teatime i got a call from my dad saying mam has fallen and her elbow was agony for her (mam has a really high pain threshold so it must of been agony for her) so i dropped eveything and went to the hospital with them, she got xrayed only to be told it was broken but as it was so swollen there may be more than one break that cannot be seen on the xray, the treatment was to put it in a sling and she was told not to move it and to go to the fracture clinic in the morning, she got no sleep what so ever. Today the doctor examined her and it was possible she may need an op but after a second opinion they have decided to put it in plaster and see how it heals, so mam is in plaster from here shoulder to her fingertips, so i appologise now if im AWOL for a while as she will need all my help.
For any Polly and Pip fans ive heard that Stamps Away will releasing more sometime next week so keep your eyes peeled for them, I know clever cut do a very fast delivery so give them a try, the link is in my sidebar

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