Sunday, March 01, 2009

It was a success

So Ashleighs girly party night was a great success, all the girls had their nails painted and had foils and diamonds added, their eyes were all sparkly and then to end it all facials and facemasks. They had chinese to eat and all other kinds candy, nibbles and treats, several DVD's were watched and songs sung so all in all a good night.
One things for sure i will be having a nap sometime this afternoon as it was turned 2am when there was finally silence then they awoke again at 8.30 singing happy birthday to Ash.
we gave her some of her pressies but she had to wait for her brothers to come home before she could open her main pressie, We had bought her her first Diamond, on a necklace chain with a little dragon fly and also a diamond on a little locket charm. We got them as an absolute bargain , but more about that later. Imagine being 12 and having a diamond, i was 23 before i got one and that was my engagement ring.
Now for the card i made her, i can finally share it.
It was made using a download from charmed crafts the collection is called girls about town, its a great set as well as the girls you even get backgrounds and sentiments.go check it out here.
here is a close up.

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Louly said...

Ooh Karen that's a great card! I like how you've coloured her, her clothes look all shiny. ♥♥♥