Friday, August 24, 2012

All things Mr Grey

Well my blog has been relatively quiet as late and there is only one person to blame ( well no make that 3, if your reading Blog Master!)
Mr Christian Grey, im sure you've all read the books and if not, why not, you don't know what your missing. I finished all 3 books and it left me wanting more, i trawled the web looking for the elusive more, and then stumbled across a brilliant wonderful blog. It is run by The Blog Master herself (god you don't want to cross her, shes lethal!!!!) the stories are cleverly written by Jane Harvey- Berrick, if you, like me wanted more, boy does she deliver. There are plenty of new chapters 50 shades of Taylor, and chapters on Christian explaining how he became the way he is and about his younger years leading up to his billionaire status.
It doesnt just stop at the reading there is also fun things happening on the blog, competitions, music relating to the books, you really do need to take a look for yourself and check it out  ( you most definitely wont be disappointed) for your fix of more take a look here

I will be back with a crafty post shortly, unless im proccupied with all things Grey!


punkleface said...

i think im must be the only one who hasnt read it!!!! must have a look!!xxxxhugsxxxx

Sams Home Cooked Designs said...
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Sams Home Cooked Designs said...

The above comment was removed due to my really annoying keypad!!!!!! My message was:-

Nope Punkle you are not the only one, I haven't read it either, I would rather read "The Stamping Magazine" Sorry Karen.

karen said...

lol sam thats ok, i still get excited over the stamping magazine too! x