Wednesday, January 31, 2007

ive been tagged

ok so ive been tagged by the lovely karen, after reading everyone elses including jackey, marja karen i too thought it was an easy task but boy were they right, so here goes.
here are my 6 wierd things about me.

1. i am meticulous about being on time for anything in fact i am always at least 20 mins early for everything and i start to panic if martin and the kids arnt ready at least 10 mins before we have to go out.

2. when putting the shopping away i have to have everything in order, ie all soups together, all veg etc. then all the labels have to be facing the front.

3. when phoning someone official i have to write key words down so i dont get flumoxed and forget what im ringing them for.

4. i wont eat sandwiches that i havnt made myself.

5. i panic, and rush out shopping if there isnt at least 2 full packs of loo rolls in the house.

6. one pupil of my eyes is way bigger than the other.

im tagging anyone else who cares to read my blog, oh thats probably no one then, better get out blog pimping LOL.

thanks for that challenge karen (not! LOL) it was harder than i thought


Karen said...

Pmsl, you're almost as 'normal' as me. I'm not so manic about loo rolls but I don't need to be because I have a whole shelf in my wardrobe full of kandoo wipes to fall back on.

Tracey said...

OMG I thought I had some weird ways, it is nice to know there are so many of us oddbods about lol, I guess I am tagged, will try and weed out the most weird ones ( I don't want anyone to lock me up) and I will post some answers tomorrow x