Monday, May 05, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ive had a busy weekend and today was no different, we wanted some plants for our hanging baskets so Mam and Dad asked if we would like a run to B&Q, we said yes, big mistake BIG BIG mistake, the bank holiday traffic was horrendous, once we got to the industrial estate it took us 15 minutes in traffic just to get into B&Q, but on the good side we got some bargains while we were there. They are remodeling the store so there were lots of reductions in a clearance section and what made it better there was a guy telling everyone if there was something you wanted he could reduce it even further for you, i ended up with a 40.00 pair of curtains for Ashleigh's bedroom for 3.00 and some butterfly decorations that should of been 10.00 for 2.00(sorry my pound sign isn't working) we also got the plants that we went for.

Ive also been making cards like there is no tomorrow, I had a few orders to complete but then i have cards in another outlet and the girl rang to say they had been selling like hotcakes and have i got anymore ready so I've had a marathon card making session. i will have to post them bit by bit as blogger will probably crash if i try to upload them all together. Let me know if you want any details of the card supplies used.

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