Thursday, May 01, 2008

Forgot to share

I forgot to share some of my cards from the weekend, i had to make these 4 cards very quickly and i had them packaged ready to go when i realised i hadn't taken a picture of them, in my last post i said i was going to take more pics and this is what usually happens i make them, package them and forget to photograph them. So i apologise for the reflection but better than nothing at all to share.
The 2 house mouse cards are stickers, i have had these for about 3-4 years and have not used them so i have vowed to try and use old stash up and I'm actually quite happy with the way they have turned out, even though it was like cheating not very hard is to stick a sticker down? Although i do like the look of my new ribbons on the card.
The other 2 cards were made using wood ware and autumn leaves stamps, stamping up card stock and again my new ribbon.
Ive added a ticker to my site as i didn't think anyone visited but i was pleasantly surprised to see almost 200 visitors in just over a week, yeah i know some bloggers get that in a day but its a big thing to me, so pop in and say hello so i know who you visitors are.

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Anita Knits said...

Wow you've got some fab cards. You are one talented lady. Will be back soon.