Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year (well nearly)

Edited as blogger is being a pain in the ass and wont upload the pics.where i want them so they are all at the top

I know I've been a very bad blogger over Christmas but I've been very busy and haven't had a moment to myself, It seems like ages ago that we were at the school nativity play but here is a picture of my Sam (the sheep) and my nephew Evan (the Shepherd)

the rush even saw me card making and gift box making on Christmas eve, but these last few days I've had a little time to myself. What a good job it was too i called in my card boxes from a couple of outlets and they were almost empty so i spent Monday and Tuesday making up a few cards well 21 to be exact nothing too fancy just enough to fill them out a bit until i get back into a normal crafting routine again.
We had a fantastic Christmas, the kids loved everything they got, the whole family was together and we were all happy, because we have had to really cut back this year the kids got everything they wanted but it meant i couldn't get my dream machine cricut that Ive been after so i will just have to save hard so i can get it, hopefully with some money i get for my birthday on Friday i wont have to much saving to do.
Here are some of the cards i made the last 2 days

We have also had some very sad news today, a very close family friend died sudenly this morning aged 66 his birthday was christmas eve so its a very sad time and my heart goes out to his immediate family RIP Alan.
Tonight the whole family are meeting in my aunty's house for the new years celebrations so I'm sure it will be a good night to remember the old and in with the new and we will raise a glass to remember friends old and new it will be a great night and a very merry one at that. so on that note i will leave you wishing you a happy new year for tomorrow.

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