Monday, January 05, 2009

Party in the new year

I hope you all had a great New Year and saw the old year out and the new year in with friends and family, we did and we had a great night. We had great fun and lit nine Chinese lanterns through the duration of the night to symbolise the nine new years since the millennium, i didn't think the lanterns were as big as they were the are so pretty and amazing watching them drift into the night sky and watching them until they look like nothing more than a twinkling star in the sky, we made many wishes with each one that we let go, we also bagged some of the 2009 glasses from the pound shop supposedly for the children, but you know adults when they have had a few too many as you can see from the pics.
January 2nd saw me celebrating my birthday (next year is the big 40, oh my god where does the time go?)so we were out on Saturday with friends for a meal and not to much alcohol i had enough on new years eve.
Today is my youngest sons birthday, Sam is 6 today, i cant believe how big he is getting i want him to stay my little boy for ever, (if only) it wont be long before its not cool to cuddle and give smooshy kisses to mam anymore.
I will be back later tonight (or knowing me next week sometime)with pics of his cake and little tea party.
I have however made a few more cards pastel colours again it makes so much change from the Christmas colours of the last couple of months, and i also got my sewing machine out for them. Don't the cup cakes look delish?

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