Saturday, August 05, 2006

babysitting and scrapping

tonight i was babysitting for my nephew Jaccob, he is 6 months old so after his last bottle he fell straight off to sleep, thus giving me the chance to start scrapping, no interuptions all night as he didnt wake up once, i managed to do another attempt at Annies challenge, now i must go to bed as im shattered.

before i go i want to share this pic i took of my oldest boy Jonathan, i dont know when he grew up i still thought of him as my little boy but as you can see hes not anymore, he a good looking young man.


chanel said...

i've just done the challenge too ... love what you created. wasn't it fun!!!!

Cath said...

That's lovely. It's great to see how different everyones is.

Suzanne said...

oh bless he is gorgeous, look at him, wish I could suck my toes :D

Really like this page, I love your border at the bottom very much.

Julie said...

such precious pictures! and i love the flowers along the bottom!!