Friday, August 25, 2006

home from holidays

Well we are home from our holidays and back to reality, we had the most super time in Turkey. we went to Altinkum where we have been several times before as we just love it and its great to know you are staying in the best appartments you could ever want to stay in. We stay in the Golden Villa Appartments that we book ourselves they are not available through travel brouchures, very friendly owners, nothing is too much trouble and they sleep 7 which is great for us as we take my mum and dad along too.
The pool was fantastic and we needed it as it was no cooler than 45 degrees everyday and 29-30 in the evenings, ive got lots of pictures to upload if blogger will let me! We even managed to get Sam confident in the water by the middle of the week he was getting in and out himself and just swimming about in hi armbands (he is only 3)Martin got some good pics of the kids jumping in and fooling around doing bombs in the water, oh what it would be like to be back there now, infact when we got of the plane, we passed the checkin desk and it was still open for the flight back out and i wanted to jump back on it. 1 weeks holiday is just not enough, we normally always do 2 but funds couldnt stretch this year.
Ive arrived home tanned and refreshed ready to start a new term at school, the kids are ready to go back (i think), everything is ready apart from Ashleighs school shoes and Jonathans football boots, as Jonathan starts secondry school this year its been exspensive to kit him out, but weve got it all. ive been browsing the online stores for some scrapping stuff but ive got to resist as ive got a big order winging its way from my friend in the US, and we need some cash to re carpet and completely revamp the kids bedrooms next week, work, work, work.

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