Thursday, August 03, 2006

im still here,

oh dear im not much good at this blogging lark after only 2 or 3 entries i forgot all about it, still im here now and i will try and keep it up.
A couple of updates on my life , i have infact changed my job im not doing the cleaning job that i hated from the moment i started it, im now working in office admin. Im working for the same company that i cleaned for, (they said i was wasted cleaning, which is a huge confidence boost) we manage a primary and secondry school so i organise contractors, arrange purchase orders, keep tabs on employers time keeping etc. so far im loving it, there is only me and my boss in an office and it is very relaxed and hassle free.
the other update is ive become super dooper at house keeping i used to be really relaxed and only did stuff when it need doing(lazy i know) now i do everything routinly everyday before i start scrapping, where as before i would start scrapping and forget about everything else. (how long it will last i dont know, but hey im trying)

I will be away on my holidays soon and cant wait, the kids and i are counting down 2 weeks today and will be jetting of on our jollies! it will be sheer bliss nothing to do but laze around on a turkish beach getting waited on, (roll on 2 weeks im getting impatient)

I'm going to have to work out how to do links on here i want to share the blogs i read with everyone, i just found one that i put into my favourites last night it is suzzanes outherwise known as fruitysuet on UKScrappers. i will get some links sorted soon i promise.
i will leave you with my latest purchase of rhonna farrer stamps and my latest LO. see you later peeps.

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