Saturday, August 05, 2006

Great day today

I've had a great day today, firstly this morning I went shopping for some last minute things for our holidays, and because the shops are clearing out their summer stuff ready for the winter gear I got a few bargains. Whilst browsing in New Look with my daughter Ashleigh we spotted a gorgeous Bikini for her and it was reduced to £2.00, so I popped it in my basket along with some 3/4 trousers, tops and several pairs of shoes (yes I admit I do have a shoe fetish, and Ashleigh is following in my footsteps) we then ventured into Debenhams where I bought some pineapple shorts (for me). We stopped for a rest in a lovely coffee shop called Pacitos where they serve the most gorgeous frothy milky coffee and lemon top ice-cream, I've been going here since I was a little girl, now when we are in town I take my gorgeous little girl with me.
I came home and scrapped a little, then I got a call from my cousin, we always book a girly weekend trip to Dublin every Christmas and its that time of year again so we called our friends and its all sorted we fly off in December for 3 days of fun laughter and shopping, Not bad for what would normally be a boring Saturday.
My Hubby is working tonight and will be all next week but he breaks up for his holidays on saturday so we can spend some quality time together before we all jet of on our hols, so that means I've got a solid week of evening scrapping as I will be all alone when the kids are in bed.
I will post a pic of some of our bargains later (still can't believe the bikini was only £2.00) when i can find the camera, I think Martin has been using it.

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Cath said...

Wow! you've had a great day! I've been on holiday (from work) for 12 days and not had one decent day! Isn't it fab when you can get a fantastic day like that.

Although, I did nip to Argos and get 200 blank cards to start making Christmas cards !!!!!