Sunday, January 28, 2007

eventfull weekend

WOW what an eventful weekend ive had so far, nothing fun just lots of busy time.
i know its not spring yet but ive been having a major spring clean and a clear out.
saturday morning i went out shopping with Ashleigh, were were gone about 3 hours, we had a trip to debenhams and i bought ashleigh some nice jeans a top and pj's that were in the sale with 70% off, i love a bargain. then i went into DIY mode and started buying pictures, shelves, wallpaper borders, curtains and a curtain pole. when we returned home i had the urge to start work ASAP. up went the curtain pole and new curtains followed by the pictures and shelves in various rooms, once that was done i stopped and ordered a chinese (martin was at work on nights so someone had to feed the kids!) I let my tea/supper settle and then i set to work on my wardrobe, god some of the junk in there was unbelievable 3 bags for charity and 2 bags of rubbish ( still now there is more room for me to fill it back up with new stuff (mwahahahahaha)at 11.30 last night i decided enough was enough and a had a cuppa a shower and went to bed, only to wake up this morning with the same inclination so after dinner im planning what i can do next, i know one of my jobs will be to put a new border up in jonathans bedroom (if i manage to get to next to buy it) and wash the windows outside (note to oneself, i must find a window cleaner)
i will of course stop a lot earlier tonight as Martin is at work again and ive got the kids uniforms to iron and early to bed ready for work in the morning. And during all this work ive not neglected the kids, jonathan is helping sam with his new thomas the tank game and ashleigh is in her element sorting out all her things in her room as i put up shelves and a hanging rail type thing, she is so girlie and everything has to be just so.
thats all for now i hope im not to knackered to sign in tomorrow.LOL

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