Tuesday, January 23, 2007

new year, new start!

well i decided on new years eve that i was going to blog more often so i had something to look back on for reference, that was almost a month ago! so 23 days too late here is my first entry of 2007. Im not going to waffle on about what has happened in the last mo0nth or what has happened since october (my last entry) im starting a fresh from today.

ive been checking out kirstys blog (sorry cant do a link, im not that techie) and she has been creating didgi kits, ive decided im going to step into the world of cyber scrapping and start didgi.

talking about scrapping last night i scrapped for the first time since november, i completed 2 layouts and altered a giant peg that i bought from Au Naturale, they were reduced from 2.50 to a great price of 45p they only yad 6 left so i snapped them all up, i will go back on saturday to see if they have any more in, you cant let them get away at only 45p can you?

we woke up this morning to snow, the kids were so excited but i didnt last, but somehow i dont think we have seen the last of it yet, its freezing and forcast for a lot more.

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