Wednesday, January 24, 2007

heck of a day

ive had the worst day today, it started bad when eldest son (11) couldnt find his big coat for school he had only had it the day before, turns out he lost it at school the day before, along with everything else he has lost since september footie boots, footie socks, t shirt, shorts, planner, rugby shirt and now his coat. he hasnt had any of these items back either, to be honest i dont think he has even looked hes very laxy dazy, so ive banned him from the computer, took away his psp etc untill he can value and respect his items and learn to look after his belongings.
that set me off in a bad mood for the day, i went to work only to find a pile of paperwork that should of been completed and faxed the previous day by the head caretaker, so i had to do all of it before i could even start on my own work, it just so happens the above mentioned caretaker went on holiday today and knew i couldn't not do his work, (wait untill he returns!)
when i returned home i was greeted with a broken washer, it wont do anything and the repair man cant come untill monday, well at least it gets me out of a few chore for a few days.

On a brighter note i had won some stamps off ebay, and they were here when i got home from work so i will be trying them out tonight, still waiting on one more package hope it arrives tomorrow, it is another stamp and some ink pads, will share piccies with you tomorrow if it arrives.

i was reading heidi swapps blog and i cant believe she is pregnant again, there will be only 11 months between her babies, i had children 22 months apart and that was hardwork enough . still its really good news and she will cope just fine with her gorgeous family around her.

i still havnt tried digi scrapping although i am a step closer ive read a few tutorials.

i was going to include a piccy but i cant be bothered to upload any after the day ive had.


Jenny said...


{{{{{{Huge Hugs}}}}}}

Hope you have maneged to have a glass of something......and that today will be better than yesterday....

Anonymous said...

Yay, I can finally leave you comments!! Hope today was a better today. At least you got stamps to play with :)