Saturday, June 07, 2008

Party time & WOW

Tonight im off to a party at my Mam & Dads, they moved into a new house in March and now its all finally finished and perfect so they are throwing a house warming to say thank you to everyone who helped get them moved in, ive been busy all day helping her prepare the yummy food for the occasion. Whilst we were in th middle of preparing things my younger sister called in to give us some help and also announced she is expecting another baby WOW!!! her youngest is 3 years and will of just started nursery when this new bundle arrives, her partner is a twin and last time they escaped the twin thing but this time he is convinced they will be bitten by the twin thing, she says now way but he is convinced so its more babies in our family.
On another WOW i had a fab parcel from clever cut today but i dare not say more yet, check back as i may spill the beans soon.

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