Thursday, June 12, 2008

PS I Love You

Oh my god have you watched this film?
I have been home from work ill with tonsilitus so Martin bought me PS I Love You, to make me feel a little better (im a baby when im ill and need lots of love and affection) i watched it this morning and i sobbed my heart out from 10 minutes into the film untill the end. Its such a fantastic film, a real chick flick and Gerard Butler is to die for(MMMMMmmmm) I would reccomend everyone goes and watches this film, in fact it was so good im watching it again tonight LOL.
Ive been feeling a little better this afternoon so i have made a couple of cards with my Polly and Pip stamps, one of the cards is for a special person whos birthday i forgot yesterday so Ali if your reading, this is for you expect to recieve it shortly with a special something in it!!



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