Thursday, June 19, 2008

sneak peaks

For all you stampers out there i have some new creations coming your way, i have been aproached by Spiral Whisper to create some trendy characters to turn into stamps and i have a sneak peak ready for you as you can see
I have created a boy and a girl, im not sure when they are due for release but keep your eye here and all will be revealed, i do know we havnt got a name for the characters yet and whilst talking with kitty she mentioned she will be running a compitition on the Spiral Whisper blog, to name them.
Whilst doodling i also created this cute little couple, do you like?


RuthieB said...

i love them, they are so cute, look like a happy young inlove couple, you shoudl name them Paul n Ruth after me n my fiance

Ickle Pickle said...

I love them, congratylations :)