Tuesday, March 06, 2012


ive got nothing (nada, nowt) at all to show you today, but that doesnt mean ive been a lazy bum, oh no! ive been so busy my eyes are stinging as ive been burning the midnight oil, ive had lots of things to keep me busy(but cant tell you just yet), i could of shown you an older card but whats the point youve seen it all before.
I will be back later tonight or tomorrow with a card, as now all my secret work has been completed i can go back to just playing again.
Because i dont want you to of had a wasted journey hop on over to kaths blog here for some lovely candy from ribbon girl
My uncle had his operation yesterday, he was in surgery for 10 hours and is now in intensive care so weve all been saying lots of prayers and hope hell be well , fit and strong soon.

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