Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yesterday was a demo day at Suzicraft with the wonderful Annette Lee, unfortunately i wasn't able to get there as i had to work i would of really liked to make it not only to watch Annette but also because there was lots of new stock in the shop. I knew they had the new summer limited edition distress ink pads in and i really wanted them and they are a great price at only 14.50. but i needn't of worried because my crafting buddy sue had me in her thoughts and had put a set away for me and not only that but she also dropped it of for me on her way home (she is far too good to me, in fact shes far too good to everyone shes such a kind sweet person, thanks sue xx) 

I was really tired after working all day i couldn't even muster up the energy to craft but then at around 10.30 last night i went to turn off the lights in my craft area and my eye caught the distress inks and i thought ill just have a quick stamp to see the true colours, well that quick minute turned out to be an hour and i ended up creating the card shown.

I used Tim hotz craft resist card and blended the limited edition distress ink on to it with the SplodgeAway mat, the butterfly is a crafty individuals stamp and Ive stamped it onto easy ink card and blended ink around the edges.
The white butterflies on the resist card were created by colouring the stamp with a white distress ink, it looks invisible when stamped but then as it dries it becomes a true white. Even when i had finished the card i was unsure of it, it felt kind of rushed just because i couldn't wait to get my hands on the inks, but the more i look at it the more accepting of it i become although its not one of my better kind. 


Sue said...

Colours are gorgeous havent played with mine yet I've just finished the blimmin ironing LOL love it huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

punkleface said...

what a beautiful cration karen xx