Monday, February 11, 2008

Chicken Pox

Yesterday my son Sam seemed to have a few red marks under the skin, i noticed them when i took him out of the bath, there was only about 5 so i didnt think anything of it. Today when he wore up he has about 20 and they are all raised like a blister so off to the doctors we went, only to be diagnosed with a mild case of chicken pox, so he will be off school untill they scab over. As he breaks up for 1/2 term on Friday i doubt he will be back at school this week so he'll have 2 weeks with me (oh what fun!)

At least we wont have to get ready as soon as we wake up, we can lounge around a little and chill out together.

The photo is a card i made last night using a magenta stamp i watercoloured it and then added stickles for a little highlight, you cant actually tell from the photo but i also made the flowers 3d by stamping in duplicate and cutting out the image.

Im loving the background paper i got a bargain in a local shop it is a paper mania scrap pad 40 sheets of 12 x 12 for an amazing 3.99 and it is really thick almost like a card stock thickness, and every sheet is gorgeous i could kick myself for not buying more or getting the other set which was more vintage floral style, i will go back on wednesday and see if they have any left (fingers crossed)


Karen said...

Poor Sam, hope he's not too itchy!! Eurax cream is really good if he is. ;) Lovely to 'see' you again.

Kris said...

Well said.