Monday, February 25, 2008


Tomorrow i have an appointment at the hospital, to check out my kidneys, in August i had Kidney stones and ended up being hospitalised so now i have to have 6 monthly checks, and tomorrow is the day. What they will do i dont know! I will get a lift there but will have to get a bus home so thought i might as well pop into town on my way home (any excuse for shopping)

After the hospital i will then need o go round to mams newhouse to paper the hall way then that will be all the papering completed, the kitchen fitters are going tomorrow to plan the design then she can get it ordered and hopeflly fitted before the week is out.

All this work means im having to create in the evenings if i can be bothered, well tonight i was bothered and ive made lots to share.


Tracey said...

Good luck at the hospital honey, so good to see you back, I missed you !!!!!! I hope all is ok and that those kidneys are not causing you too much jip, I love the cards, thanks so much for stopping by - it was good to see your name, take care honey and have a fab week XXX

Monica said...

Gorgoeus cards adrling I love the last one, oh and good luck at the hospital, ouch kidney stones arent fun. M xx