Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New House

I havnt been doing much crafting this week as my Mum and Dad have just got a new bungalow, (its a long story), they currently live with my sister and her family, the house was originally my mum and dads and they sold it to my sister many years ago as she didnt have any children or a hubby, and the plan was they were just going to stay with her until they were carried out in a box (their words not mine). Since they sold it my sister now has a hubby and 2 children so mum and dad decided they would move out so that they can have some peace and quiet from the kids, mum is partially sighted so its hard for her with all the toys about. They got the keys to their house last Thursday so since then we have been cleaning, decorating and knocking walls down. We are just waiting on a new kitchen then it can be decorated then the whole house can be carpeted and move the furniture in, so i recon another week or so and i can get back to normality as i seem to of been round the new house 24/7.

Sam is still spoty from his chicken pox but he has been well with them, he hasnt scratched much or complained. I have noticed he need a haircut before he goes back to school next week but ill have to wait untill the spots disapear from his head as he got lots on his scalp. My 2 nephews have also caught them so at least they have all got them together.

Its Ashleighs birthday next week so i bought her a cuttlebug and whilst i was at it some goodies slipped into my basket for myself too, i got 8 new stamps, some chalk inpads and lors of embellishmnets, so roll on next week and i can craft.

That is after ive come home from work, my lady of lesuire was short lived as work have begged me to return to work so with a few negotiations i have agreed to return, but i will reveiw the situation at regular intervals so watch this space i may get to stay at home after all.

Did i mention im going to see Westlife at the metro radio arena on the 4th March, i can wait, we will visit the metro centre for the day and then watch the concert, and as every year i dont see them just once we also make a weekend of it and go elsewhere to see them so this year we are going to Manchester to see them on the 15th March.
Its seems we were only at the merto a while back, we were there taking the girls to see highschool musical on ice, i can recomend it , it was really great.

wow that was a long post . Well done if youve read this far.

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