Friday, February 29, 2008

All Good

Hospital went ok, Kidneys are fine but im still not drinking enough, i go back in 6 months for xrays just to make sure all is well. Im really thankfull for the NHS.

Have been busy with mothers days cards the past few nights, i had lots of orders from work to fulfil i think i made 14 in all, a few of which i repeated, ive posted a few pictures (although not good, still waiting on a camera)

Its Ashleighs birthday tomorrow she will be 11 she is really growing fast i dont know where the time has gone, we are going to town shopping tomorrow and then we are all going out for tea somewhere nice. Shes got lots of pressies off friends and family waiting for her and she is so excited for tomorrow she said its like xmas all over again.

Im really excited too as its now only 4 days till i go to see westlife (i know im like a big kid) at newcastle metro arena, roll on Tuesday.


Monica said...

Fabulos cards Karen and I m so pleased, you found a job, great news. Hugs M xx

Tracey said...

Great news about the hospital, keep drinking that water girl, love the cards, I don't know how you do it, it takes me all night just to make one lol