Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back To The Gindstone

Its back to work for me tomorrow after having 2 weeks off, as are the kids back to school too. Dont you just hate going back to work after having time off, i know i will be back in the swing of things after one day its just the initial getting up out of bed and dragging myself there. We have had 2 weeks of unstructured days, PJ days and really just doing nothing. But looking on the bright side in 2 weeks we will have another day of for may day and then another 2 !?@ weeks later we will be off for whit week, so cant complain.

I also forgot to tell you of my misfortune the past week, i was round my mams last week when i got a phone call from Martin telling me the cooker wouldnt work so after having it looked at it turns out we needed a new one. At the moment we have electric but ive always wanted gas i did have a gas cooker years and years ago but since that have always bought electric,(weve actually been through 3 electric cookers in the last 7 years) when we went shopping for a new one i decided to go for gas it arrived and we didnt go for connection as we know a gas fitter already (who will also be cheaper).
The cooker arrived on wednesday all ready for fitting and our gas fitter is on holiday so now we have a new cooker but no means of cooking until next week (just my luck) on the plus side to this we have been getting lots of meals cooked for us :-)
In the same week you wouldnt belief it but the computer chair broke and to top of the bad luck my makeup bag fell down the toilet (YUK!) so everything went in the bin and it cost me an arm and a leg just to replace the basics let alone the sparkly, dazzley bits i had collected along the way, that you wear on a night out in the town.
Hopefully that was the end of the bad luck run. I will be back with a few cards i have made today.

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Louly said...

Oh Nooooooooo!!!!! I put my make up on near to the toilet and I've often thought, "Crikey, imagine if I dropped it!" I bet you had a few choice words. I work in a school too, so I'm also counting down the weeks. I hope you soon have your oven up and