Sunday, April 27, 2008

East of India ribbon

Oh! im in Ribbon heaven. I have been admiring ribbons from the make East of India, i have had an online supplier in my favourites for ages i keep adding things to my basket then not going through with the checkout as i always think do i actually need more ribbon?

so where is this leading? I went to Middlesbrough yesterday and my Dad dropped me off just outside of town so as i was walking into to town i passed a shop called changing rooms, i know its been there for ages but ive never took much notice, as i peeped into the window i saw the sign East of India, quickly i opened the door to sheer heaven 3 floors of nicknaks ribbons a whole shop of gorgeousness. The shop lady was so sweet after picking up many rolls of ribbon the lady passed me a gorgeous basket to place my wares in, i then ventured to the other 3 floors, i know this is a shop i am going to frequent more often, who would of thought after searching the Internet for east of india ribbons there were some on my door step all along. For anyone in the area Changing rooms are having a late night on Thursday till 8.30pm, all new stock will be showcased and there is 10% off all orders. The picture is a few of my buys ive hidden some of them as i know what Martin will say, they will just start appearing in my craft area and then he will know no different. LOL

I would also like to say a big thanks to Monica for getting mu stamping up order to me so fast, if anyone is wanting to order id highly recommend Monica her blog link is on the right.


melanie said...

Hi im melanie and no good at writing blogs. I love the ribbon from east of india to but cant find a supplier. I have four children and am a single mum i run a small business from home making roman blinds and hand made curtains but just recently have opened a ebay shop making small gifts and am enjoying this. I do most crafts but injoy patchwork mostly. You card look fabulous and its one craft i have not tried yet not enough hours in a day for me or (crafters in general) Any way nice to talk to you and keep on making lovely b-spoke things its what make the world go round .

Fiona O said...

Hello, I always buy my East of India ribbons at, because of their service. Although I just looked and bought a load of cards, they don't have that many ribbons in but said they would be getting loads more new designs in a week. I hope that helps.

Natalie said... stock a large range of East of India ribbons and if you cannot find what you are looking for they are happy to order in samples for you to choose from, with low postal prices and same day delivery they are the choice for me. They also sell a lovely range of gifts.