Wednesday, April 09, 2008

feeling great

Its amazing how a few days off can make you feel. I have been feeling quite lethargic and yuk for the past couple of weeks (and the weather doesn't do much to help). Ive been off with the kids since Monday and apart from a stinking headache yesterday I have been feeling great, I wish it was the school holidays more often LOL

Yesterday i dug the boys bedroom out (that's what probably brought on the headache) it took me 4 hours, i took the bunk beds apart, (so now they have individual single beds) threw out or recycled toys that they had out grown, recycled clothes that no longer fit, and got rid of a load of rubbish. 8 bin bags later and we have a tidy new bedroom (any bets on guessing how long it will stay that way?)

Ive no need to tidy Ashleighs room as she keeps her room spotless, she just moans that she hasn't got enough room and i do feel sorry for her as she has the box room so there is not much room in there, i have promised to do a little touching up in there next week and maybe get a new light and lamp shade just to shuzz it up a bit.

After yesterdays spring clean i decided to craft today and have made cards ive had quite a few requests so i made a start on them,i managed to complete 3 baby cards, 3 get well cards, 2 new home a few general b/day cards. Ive also had a request for something to do with music for a girl and a mountain bike one for a man, I'm a bit stuck so they will take a little thinking about, they are not needed until May so i have time.

Talking of babies we have a couple due in our family. First due is my cousin on 2nd May this will be her first baby and we are all hoping for a girl as we have lots and lots of boys in the family the last girl we had is now 9 so we are desperate for a girl. The second i will blog about later (no its not me!)


Tracey said...

Glad to hear you are feeling well, love those cards, sounds like you have still got a few to make too, take care XXX

Anonymous said...
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