Friday, April 18, 2008

Gran & Grandad

Remember i told you about the 2 babies about to arrive in our family?

one was my cousin and i told you i would let you know about the other.

Well now is the time to tell you, I'm not sure weather you know Martin has an older son Chris.

He and his girlfriend got engaged last year and now they are expecting, we have known for a while and I've been shopping like crazy as they know they are having a boy, i know it takes away the surprise but its great to know for shopping reasons.

The baby is due at the end of June hopefully it will wait until we get home from our holidays its due on the 29th and that's the day we are due home.

so now you know why Ive titled my post Gran and Grandad, i know I'm far to young to be a gran but a gran i will be. In my extended family everyone is a gran, i had a gran my mam had a gran etc etc. its just the way it is.

And also we are very proud of Chris as he has passed all his tests to join the RAF, its something he has always wanted to do and with the baby due we thought he would give up on the idea but no hes more determined, hes worked hard for 2 years in a steady job but he wants more out of his life and we are really proud of him. He starts his Basic training in August so we will get lots of pics at his passing out parade.

On a crafting note I've downloaded a set of images from charmed cards and crafts they are called George and they are fab for mens cards so if you like pay a visit here

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Louly said...

I absolutely adore your George cards. Your colouring is brilliant, especially on the fishing card, love it. xx