Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doh! its not Permanent ink

I had drawn an image a couple of days ago and i normally always use permanent ink, so why wouldn't i on this image?
I went to colour it last night with my watercolour pencils and disaster struck all the outline started to run so now I'm left with a half finished smudgy mess, so a warning to everyone who designs their own images make sure you pick up the right pen. the sad thing is i didn't even copy it before i coloured it, this was the original.
never mind onto other things.
I was supposed to be visiting Durham yesterday with Martin but we didn't get there, he was called into work so we have to arrange it for another week which also means i did get to go to The Scrapbook Shop much to my disappointment, that was to be the highlight of the day out for me. Ive now got to save my pennies or go and spend it online, i really wanted to see every thing in real life.
I will be back later with a couple of cards i made last night.

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Tracey said...

Oh poor you, I have been there and done that too lol, you have been awarded hon, please check out my blog - happy sunday XXX