Monday, August 18, 2008

Pro Markers, more digi and an award.

All weekend I've been wondering if i should buy the letraset pro markers, twice I've put them into my virtual shopping basket and then changed my mind, well this morning i made up my mind and ordered some (mind you because i took so long making up my mind one of the sets i wanted had sold out) i got the sketching set the hobby and craft set and the skin tones set, i bought them from Silly Monkey crafts which is not far from where i live. I ordered at around 10.30 am went to work and on my return was an email asking if i would like them to hand deliver them later the same day now how is that for service?

I've been colouring all evening with them and they are fantastic, don't ever think normal felt tips will even come close to them, below is a magnolia Tilda card, the first image i coloured and i like the results and more practice shading etc they will look way better.

the papers are part of a shabby princess digital kit


The cards at the top of this post are all made using the kits from shabby princess, i haven't added any greeting to them as i was asked for a basket of cards with no greetings so that they could be used for any occasion.

Now onto my award the lovely Tracey passed on an award to me on Sunday and she said some lovely things about me (Thanks Tracey you know how to make my day)

I am supossed to pass this on to 7 more people but i dont want to only pick 7 so if your reading this youve got the award, feel free to pass it on.



Charlol said...

Love it and now off to find out more about pro markers too.

Tracey said...

LOve the cards, the pro markers look pretty cool, looks like I might have to try some of those XXX