Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Plain & Simple

The cards I've made reflect how I'm feeling today they are very plain & simple but likable all the same, they were made for one of the baskets of cards that a friend kindly keeps in her workplace. Although they may not be to my taste i have to cater for many people, some like the cluttered over the top fill every inch of space kind of card whilst some like the more simple look.

That's how I'm feeling today I've cleaned up, had my shower but as its raining i cant be bothered to do any thing other than craft, so I'm having a pyjama day, no doing my hair or putting on makeup. if i have a productive day i will post more cards later tonight.


Tracey said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better today Karen, take care hon, and those cards are CUTE ! TFS XXX


I must agree with the first comment. They are very cute!

Wishing well to you Karen,