Tuesday, November 18, 2008

back to the oldies

Whilst having a friend round on monday to do a little crafting i got a few of my older stamps out and came up with the above creations, (except for the Forever friends) Whilst buying new stash my older stuff always gets neglected so it was good to have a rummage through everything and use some of the oldies for a change.

There has also been a drama in the family, my sister (who is 6 1/2 months pregnant) has a partner who is diabetic and he felt unwell yeaterday and went to the doctors had blood tests and was told to return on wednesday, only he didnt make it till wednesday as this morning he was rushed to hospital and is now in intensive care in an induced coma as he has had a very severe case of keto acidosis and was lucky to of got him in hospital when we did other wise this post might of been a different story all together, so lots of prayers and get well wishes goes out to craig, and i know my sister needs extra care from us all as this stress is taking its toll on her.

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Helena said...

Ahhh such cute cards!

SOrry to hear about your BIL, hope he gets better soon, and it dosen't stress your sister out too much!