Saturday, November 29, 2008

Updated advent calendar and Paper decorations

Here is a glimpse of the revamped advent calendar, i was having real difficulty in opening the drawers, i didn't get back to the shops for more boxes so decided to take them out and be a little different from all the rest, i painted the inside of the cases and this is where the little sweets will fit (on this occasion mingles) As it was for Dylan i decided to make it more child like as it will be his first Christmas so i added little Santa's etc. i have painted the numbers and wording as after i added the embellishments there was no room for rub ons or stickers so a little on the wobbly side but hey so what, I'm sure he wont mind or criticize. sorry there's not too many pics.

Then last night i had my 2 nephews staying over as their Dad is now home from hospital but he needs lots of rest so i volunteered for a overnights stay at my house for them. We had such fun making paper decorations and it kept them occupied for hours, the pictures show how my floral twigs took shape into a make shift Christmas tree as the glitter and glue dried, we made baubles and trees and even had a go at the large snowflake (which Evan has said its a star and he wants it for the top of his tree at home) and the paper cine tree. I can recommend doing this with your kids as i know we had so much fun, ready for round 2 today.

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Helena said...

OOh what a fantastic way to entertain them, gold star to you!

BTW I will be adding your calendar to my blog now!