Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Christmas part 2

more christmas cards to show you today, and another christening card. (sorry for the blurry pics)
The lilac button tree card looks very flat and boring on the pic but IRL its very 3D and blinging.
Ive just had an order for 22 christmas cards, thats on top of what i already had to do so will be burried in cardstock and glitter for the next couple of weeks its a good job im able to stay at home during the day and get some crafting done else i would be up until 2am each evening.
I forgot to mention My days at home are not boring i am kept very busy with my Cousins 5 month old Baby, Dylan. His Mum has returned to work so i have become a childminder but its not like a job because i love him to pieces and dont mind looking after him one bit, in fact when im not looking after him i usually call her to ask if she wants me to mind him while she goes out shopping or spends a little time on her own.
karen x

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Helena said...

These cards are beautiful!!!!