Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cards to share

I forgot i said i would share a few more cards with you, a couple you will of all ready seen over on UK Scrappers. i have decided to start show casing on here and only post a few over on uk scrappers. It gets a bit boring when you see cards on UKS and then the same cards are on the blog also, unless its a tutorial or supplies list then thats ok sometimes its a great help.

I must remember to stat taking pics of all my creations half of the time im working to a tight deadline so i dont get chance to take pics, then i get dissapointed when i can't put my creations on here, i vow to try and take more pics.

Here are details of the above cards

The scooter boy card
stamping up card stock
East of India ribbon
woodware boy stamp, autumn leaves star stamp.

celebrate card
penny black stamp, greeting is HOTP stamp
the papers are from my scraps so not sure what they are (sorry)

wedding card
SEI card stock
hero arts heart stamp

More to share tomorrow (hopefully)

East of India ribbon

Oh! im in Ribbon heaven. I have been admiring ribbons from the make East of India, i have had an online supplier in my favourites for ages i keep adding things to my basket then not going through with the checkout as i always think do i actually need more ribbon?

so where is this leading? I went to Middlesbrough yesterday and my Dad dropped me off just outside of town so as i was walking into to town i passed a shop called changing rooms, i know its been there for ages but ive never took much notice, as i peeped into the window i saw the sign East of India, quickly i opened the door to sheer heaven 3 floors of nicknaks ribbons a whole shop of gorgeousness. The shop lady was so sweet after picking up many rolls of ribbon the lady passed me a gorgeous basket to place my wares in, i then ventured to the other 3 floors, i know this is a shop i am going to frequent more often, who would of thought after searching the Internet for east of india ribbons there were some on my door step all along. For anyone in the area Changing rooms are having a late night on Thursday till 8.30pm, all new stock will be showcased and there is 10% off all orders. The picture is a few of my buys ive hidden some of them as i know what Martin will say, they will just start appearing in my craft area and then he will know no different. LOL

I would also like to say a big thanks to Monica for getting mu stamping up order to me so fast, if anyone is wanting to order id highly recommend Monica her blog link is on the right.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back To The Gindstone

Its back to work for me tomorrow after having 2 weeks off, as are the kids back to school too. Dont you just hate going back to work after having time off, i know i will be back in the swing of things after one day its just the initial getting up out of bed and dragging myself there. We have had 2 weeks of unstructured days, PJ days and really just doing nothing. But looking on the bright side in 2 weeks we will have another day of for may day and then another 2 !?@ weeks later we will be off for whit week, so cant complain.

I also forgot to tell you of my misfortune the past week, i was round my mams last week when i got a phone call from Martin telling me the cooker wouldnt work so after having it looked at it turns out we needed a new one. At the moment we have electric but ive always wanted gas i did have a gas cooker years and years ago but since that have always bought electric,(weve actually been through 3 electric cookers in the last 7 years) when we went shopping for a new one i decided to go for gas it arrived and we didnt go for connection as we know a gas fitter already (who will also be cheaper).
The cooker arrived on wednesday all ready for fitting and our gas fitter is on holiday so now we have a new cooker but no means of cooking until next week (just my luck) on the plus side to this we have been getting lots of meals cooked for us :-)
In the same week you wouldnt belief it but the computer chair broke and to top of the bad luck my makeup bag fell down the toilet (YUK!) so everything went in the bin and it cost me an arm and a leg just to replace the basics let alone the sparkly, dazzley bits i had collected along the way, that you wear on a night out in the town.
Hopefully that was the end of the bad luck run. I will be back with a few cards i have made today.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gran & Grandad

Remember i told you about the 2 babies about to arrive in our family?

one was my cousin and i told you i would let you know about the other.

Well now is the time to tell you, I'm not sure weather you know Martin has an older son Chris.

He and his girlfriend got engaged last year and now they are expecting, we have known for a while and I've been shopping like crazy as they know they are having a boy, i know it takes away the surprise but its great to know for shopping reasons.

The baby is due at the end of June hopefully it will wait until we get home from our holidays its due on the 29th and that's the day we are due home.

so now you know why Ive titled my post Gran and Grandad, i know I'm far to young to be a gran but a gran i will be. In my extended family everyone is a gran, i had a gran my mam had a gran etc etc. its just the way it is.

And also we are very proud of Chris as he has passed all his tests to join the RAF, its something he has always wanted to do and with the baby due we thought he would give up on the idea but no hes more determined, hes worked hard for 2 years in a steady job but he wants more out of his life and we are really proud of him. He starts his Basic training in August so we will get lots of pics at his passing out parade.

On a crafting note I've downloaded a set of images from charmed cards and crafts they are called George and they are fab for mens cards so if you like pay a visit here

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

feeling great

Its amazing how a few days off can make you feel. I have been feeling quite lethargic and yuk for the past couple of weeks (and the weather doesn't do much to help). Ive been off with the kids since Monday and apart from a stinking headache yesterday I have been feeling great, I wish it was the school holidays more often LOL

Yesterday i dug the boys bedroom out (that's what probably brought on the headache) it took me 4 hours, i took the bunk beds apart, (so now they have individual single beds) threw out or recycled toys that they had out grown, recycled clothes that no longer fit, and got rid of a load of rubbish. 8 bin bags later and we have a tidy new bedroom (any bets on guessing how long it will stay that way?)

Ive no need to tidy Ashleighs room as she keeps her room spotless, she just moans that she hasn't got enough room and i do feel sorry for her as she has the box room so there is not much room in there, i have promised to do a little touching up in there next week and maybe get a new light and lamp shade just to shuzz it up a bit.

After yesterdays spring clean i decided to craft today and have made cards ive had quite a few requests so i made a start on them,i managed to complete 3 baby cards, 3 get well cards, 2 new home a few general b/day cards. Ive also had a request for something to do with music for a girl and a mountain bike one for a man, I'm a bit stuck so they will take a little thinking about, they are not needed until May so i have time.

Talking of babies we have a couple due in our family. First due is my cousin on 2nd May this will be her first baby and we are all hoping for a girl as we have lots and lots of boys in the family the last girl we had is now 9 so we are desperate for a girl. The second i will blog about later (no its not me!)

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Oh wow, I haven't scrapped in months but last night I had the urge to complete a page. Ashleigh had all my scrapbooks out yesterday looking through them I think it was this that urged me to scrap.

I had bought the sassfras lass papers absolutely months ago and had only ever used some on cards but there were a couple of papers I wouldn't cut into as I did want to scrap with them at some point.

The picture was from almost 2 years ago so nothing on the page was up to date ( and as we know in the world of scrapping you must be seen with the most up to date stash) well not me I am using what appeals to me and not just whats new on the market.

It felt weired filling up the huge amount of space because for months now I've only been creating cards, I pushed the papers around the page for a while and then it just all came together, I think I may just complete some more today, could this be the onset of more scrapping? watch this space!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blog Testing

I voluntered to be a blog tester for a craft related product. and as i said in my post yesterday it was for E-Z runner scrapbook adhesive by 3L, we had a series of questions to answer about the product and here are my answers.

1. How often do you use adhesive? almost every day
2. What is the main type of adhesive you use? double sided tape, pva glue and glossy accents
3. What do you look for in an adhesive? mainly strength
4. How easy is the product to remove from its packaging? very easy no problems at all
5. Does the product appeal to you – i.e. does it look good? looks great and the colour is
nice and bright so no loosing it on your craft table.
6. How easy is the product to use? very easy, i dont normally use tape dispensers as i often
have problems with the jamming of breaking, this one i took to immediatly
7. How well does the product perform? its runs very smoothly, its time saving and strong
8. Do you like this product? yes
9. Do you consider it good value for money? Mmmmm good question i like it for the fact that
it is time saving but 4.99 for 28' its a little expensive
10. Would you consider buying this product in the future? if it were on offer somewhere
definatly yes
11. What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future? if the length was
increaded or the price decreased or it was made into a refillable version and the refills
were reasonably priced
12. What would make you less likely to buy this product in the future? the price

I must say it is a great product i like the fact that it has very small cut sections of adhesive but im not sure i could justify the price as a full time adhesive, but it is very handy to have on hand to use for time saving moments, or when you dont have time to let a wet adhesive dry.

It made making cards a little quicker than normal, was great for adhering ribbon, and strong enough for securing chipboard.
All of the above cards were made using the E-Z runner, stamps are cupcakes and birthday messages by hero arts (coloured with water colours) papers are a selection of s.e.i jolie chocolat and bazzil card stock, all finished off with a little accent of stickles, doodlebug sugar coating or liquid pearls.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Creative Weekend

Wow, its the weekend and ive got some new stash to play with, (just look at that sei paper pad isnt it just lush every paper is gorgeous, foil and glitter so luxurious) i received some goodies in the post this week and ive managed to keep my hands off them as i was waiting untill tonight, Ive got no plans for the weekend so i have a full 2 days of inunterupted crafting, infact i may have longer as we broke up from school today for 2 weeks. I also have another parcel due from the states with lots more stamps (i cant wait) im so easily excited.

I also got a small parcel from becks and the design objective ( do crafts to me and you) the parcel may of been small but im expecting big things from the product, I signed up to do a blog review on a product and after the weekend i shall be giving my review on the E-Z runner scrapbook adhesive.

On my last post i said i might have some news to share well unfortunatly i havnt although i will tell you about it. I had applied for a new job as i was unhappy with my salary in my current job, out of 70 applicants i managed to get an interview i got down to the final 2 but was pipped to the post because i didnt have shorthand skills, but it all worked out in my favour as my current employer doesn't want to loose me so i am having my salary reviewed. (yipee)

Have a great weekend.