Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Cally

here are the pics of Cally, ive been round today armed with the camera so there are a couple of pics from yesterday and 1 from today, everyone cant believe how she's not all wrinkled like most new babies are, she doesnt look brand new, the first 2 pics she is around 12 hours old and the other she is 36 hours old. I took the kids to see her today and they adored her, today ive been out and bought her some more new clothes, shes already got me wrapped around her little finger, ive spoilt her already, but then thats what aunties are for.
I may be back later with a card or 2, i didnt make any yesterday as i was too shattered, and today ive been out most of the day but i need to make a 21st card for martins son its his birthday tomorrow

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Riet said...

what is dat lief Karen.

hugs Riet.xx