Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yummy, Yummy cakes

Its Ashleighs birthday sleepover party on Saturday night and she brought me a picture of some cup cakes she wanted me to make, (like i have all the time in the world!)so i decided to have a practice of decorating some cakes for her, (i cheated and bought shop made plain cakes) she hates butter icing so they were decorated using dream topping, and they were a success she loved them (the taste and the look)The decorations were from Asda and the little tiny marshmallows were just the cutest thing ive ever seen, i mean ive seen the tiny ones for cooking but these were even smaller and the tiny hearts were just the sweetest. Because they turned out great ive decided to buy shop bought again and just decorate them myself, it saves all that time measuring ingredients and cooking when in reality we could be shopping or decorating the living room with all the pink bunting and helium balloons we've got.
Its not her 12th birthday until Sunday and i cant believe where the last 11 years have gone, Shes getting so grown up. Ive made her a lovely card but i cant share it yet as she sometimes reads my blog.
Im also making a plea to some kind soul who reads my blog and may be able to help me out im after a stempelglede stamp like this one used by Rach on her blog please if anyone can help could you get in touch with me.

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Sam said...

These look great!! SamG x