Thursday, February 09, 2012

5 months later!!!!!!!!

Well that wasn't a very good start, i had promised myself back in September to blog a little more but that hasn't happened. Roll onto February and not one blog post from me Tut, Tut! I'm not making any more promises i will just blog as and when the fancy takes me.

I have been away from crafting (read that as paper crafting) for a little while, i have however been doing a little sewing making aprons, pinnies and bunting, so I've not been idle in the world of crafts.

The last month or so I've been tempted back into my craft room with ideas in my head for cards I've been online window shopping at all the new stash out there but still no cards, that was until this last week. i reorganised all my papers and tools, i had a good sort out and reorganised the room so more things were easily accessible that lead me stamping and pushing bits of paper and card around until at last a card had been made. That wasn't the last either, i have been creating at most of my spare opportunities and im in love again (with my paper stash LOL)

So for now i leave you with a few of the cards that have been produced, who knows when i will be back again? i hope its not another 5 months!!!!!

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