Sunday, February 19, 2012

happy 18th

i feel I've neglected my blog this week :( but i have a good excuse last night was my nieces 18th birthday party, and i was involved with the party preparations.
The week started with me being at work every single day so i had no chance to make cards but i did do finishing touches to melissas 18th birthday card and i also made balloon weights for the helium balloons that we bought to decorate her party venue.
I enjoyed going shopping for sweeties as she also had a candy bar and whilst decanting them into fancy jars and bowls not one passed my lips, im such a good girl(if i keep saying that i just might end up believing it lol)
Saturday was the busiest day as we were up really early so we could shop for the fresh food and get cracking on the catering just got it all finished in to to go home bath get myself and the kids sorted then out to the party for some fun, she had a live band and a disco so a good night was had by all.
that brings me swiftly on to say i feel so exhausted after such a hectic week im so glad ive now got a week off work, and all im going to do is rest, relax and sit in my craft area for hours on end and get inky and sticky without a guilt feeling of i should be doing other things like housework or entertaining the kids (they are all at school/college so im not neglecting them)
i guarantee ill be back with cards to show next week xx

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